Little Kid – ‘John Arnott’

Little Kid have shared ‘John Arnott’ – their first new material since last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Transfiguration Highway’ LP. Once again, the song has a Christian theme with Kenny Boothby saying: ‘The song is inspired by Pastor John Arnott, who started the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Toronto, the site of the so-called Toronto Blessing – a charismatic Christian revival in the 90s and early 00s. “I actually traveled up from Petrolia with my family to attend a service there, and later learned my partner was attending at the same time (though we didn’t meet until about 15 years later). Most of the churches I attended in my teens and early adulthood were led by pastors inspired by the movement that started at TACF: focused on performing miracles, receiving the Gifts of the Spirit, having direct spiritual experiences with God – frankly, they were all a bit ‘out there.”

Opening with a blast of alt-rock guitar that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Deerhunter or Jesus and Mary Chain record, the song opens with Kenny telling a story about the pastor and his beliefs and experiences: ‘Arnott received a vision from God. You won’t believe what that man saw…’ As the effects-laden guitar and thunderous drums continue to collide in this swirling and psychedelic fashion, Kenny talks about Arnott’s ‘brightest smile you ever saw’ and how he ‘Said Christ didn’t die for this shit, but I guess he’ll live. I was fortunate to attend one of your prophetic events’.


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