Cherym – ‘Hey Tori’ EP review

Cherym release their new EP ‘Hey Tori’ via Alcopop! Records on 1 October. The Northern Irish trio bonded over a shared love of garage rock, pop punk and a desire to be the biggest band in the world – while shining a spotlight on some of the most important issues in society today.

‘Listening to My Head’ opens the EP with some new wave-tinged guitar hooks and pulsating drums while Hannah Richardson wonders aloud about why someone has disappeared out of their life- and whether it was their fault: ‘Is there something wrong with me?’; ‘I heard a rumour that you’re dating her. Is she younger? Carefree?’ The breezy and bold song finishes with a blast of Guided by Voices-esque guitar before heavier riffs signal the start of ‘Kisses On My Cards’, another track full of heartbreak and anxiety as Hannah tries to decide what to do about a potential suitor (bearing in mind ‘it’s not often that I like boys’): ‘I can’t tell if you like me, scared to try in case I miss because I can’t tell what your aim is, what your game is’.

‘We’re Just Friends opens with Alannagh Doherty’s frantic drums and some math-rock styling before things fall into a more melodic space with lyrics about taking it slow and loving someone (‘I can’t picture my life without you’). This is followed by Nyree Porter’s bass-led breakdown and a noisy finish that Johnny Foreigner would be proud to call their own. ‘Gone Girl’ is a little quieter with its poignant evaluation of a past relationship that may have been toxic but is so hard to move on from: ‘Your words run around my head, they make me wish I was dead’. The EP closes with ‘She’s a Lot Going On’ – an anthemic piece of power pop that mixes Weezer-esque riffs with powerfully honest observations about finding yourself: ‘I waited 22 years of my life just to feel secure’.

This is a rewarding and open EP that will have you dancing and feeling all the emotions throuhout all five songs.

October 2021 UK Tour Dates:

06th Oct – Paper Dress Vintage, London *
07th Oct – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham *
08th Oct – The Forum Basement, Tunbridge Wells *
09th Oct – Twisterella, Middelsborough *
10th Oct – Green Door Store, Brighton ^
11th Oct – The Boiler Room, Guilford *
12th Oct – The Talleyrand, Manchester *
13th Oct – Le Pub, Newport *
14th Oct – Heartbreakers, Southampton *
15th Oct – Exchange, Bristol *
16th Oct – Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh
17th Oct – The Hug and Pint, Glasgow*

w/ cheerbleederz^
w/ cheerbleederz + Arxx

Tickets on sale now:


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