Cheekface – ‘Featured Singer’

Photo credit: Shabnam Ferdowsi

Cheekface have shared new single ‘Featured Singer’, a song that was inspired by a daydream lead member Greg Katz had during the pandemic about being a featured singer on an EDM song: ‘I was thinking about how hard it is for a band to reach people, especially in the middle of the pandemic, and my daydreaming led me to thinking about how much easier it would be if I just did an uncredited featured vocal on an EDM song by a famous DJ, and that song became super famous without me having to do anything other than sing into a microphone. Like, I could be that faceless voice! I wouldn’t even have to do anything!’

With a killer Talking Heads-style bass line driving the song forwards and Cake-style grooves throughout, Greg shares all their hopes for the reach of this song and how it will be everywhere in the modern age – ‘kids will choreograph elaborate dances to my voice on TikTok’ – before a 16-bar cowbell solo is followed by a woozy synth solo. It’s the sound of a band embracing everything with a final demand of ‘Come on, let me feel your energy’. You’d be a fool to deny Cheekface that.


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