Mush – ‘Get On Yer Soapbox’

Photo credit: Sophie Jouvenaar

Prolific art rockers Mush have shared ‘Get On Yer Soapbox’ ahead of the release of new album ‘Down Tools’ via Memphis Industries on 8 July. Dan Hyndman says the song ‘is a righteous wig-out number, like (previous single) ‘Alternative Facts’ but with more cowbell. All the solos are improvised and I very much doubt I will ever be able to recreate them live’.

With the mantra that there’s nothing wrong with getting on your soapbox – especially in today’s climate – the song opens with wonky Xiu Xiu-meets-Pavement-esque guitar before those DIY solos Dan was talking about come to the fore as he discusses everything from keeping monuments clean to putting on the gaslight when common sense starts to fail…


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