Stars – ‘Patterns’ and ‘Build a Fire’

Stars Patterns and Build A Fire streams
Photo credit: Gaëlle Leroyer

Stars have shared two new songs – ‘Patterns’ and ‘Build A Fire’ – ahead of the release of their upcoming ninth album ‘From Capelton Hill’ on 27 May. These two new songs showcase very different sides to the Montreal band with ‘Patterns’ celebrating the power of friendship and ‘Build a Fire’ (‘Written in a fever dream of Covid-19 paranoia and restlessness’ according to Torquill Campell) encouraging you to run from death. As fast as you can

‘Patterns’ is drenched in synths from the very first note as Amy Millan talks about drowning and being trapped by thunder with tenderness. There’s also optimism shining throughout: ‘We’re gonna paint the road a prettier shade of gold. We’re gonna take the time and you’re gonna be mine’. As the song evolves, the melodies come to the fore and Torquill joins Amy to deliver some powerfully affecting lines.

‘Build a Fire’, meanwhile, encourages you to get on your dancing shoes with big beats and a sound that Torquill takes great glee in describing as ‘like Happy Mondays and the Pet Shop Boys at the same time’. It’s got handclap moments and that theme of mortality and disappointment – ‘I never knew you could be that way, I never knew that you could hurt me’ – can’t fail to leave an emotional impact.


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