Adults – ‘Things We Achieve’

Adults Things We Achieve stream Bandcamp

Describing themselves as ‘a noisy pop band desperately clinging on to the ghosts of 2009’, adults have now signed to Fika Recordings and shared new single ‘things we achieve’ ahead of the release of debut album ‘for everything, always’ in October. The song takes aim at capitalism and how its inherent evilness ‘makes us forget what matters, how to be kind to people and to enjoy living’.

Short, sharp and spiky, there’s a touch of Johnny Foreigner in the rapid-fire vocal delivery while the jangle-pop sound is reminsicent of the underground legensds Bearsuite or the much-missed Spook School at their sweetest. However, there’s a dark underbelly as the band rant against ‘All the shit that floats and grips to the power at the top. They’re gonna rob us one way or another of our words’ and how this constant and relentless misery leads to us all ‘Pretending to feel OK about unchanging things, like we know who we are and the things we achieve’.


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