Born Fighters – ‘Need a Friend’

Born Fighters Need a Friend stream

Cross-Atlantic duo Born Fighters return with new single ‘Need a Friend’. Inspired by Luke Barham’s love of ’90s jangly indie pop and LA resident Peter Maffel’s sunny surroundings, the song is a wistful ode to companionship with its repeated message of ‘When you’re lost, you need a friend’ and its plea for the subject to buck the trend (‘Ancient history knows best, you’ll find the answers in its text, drunken kisses won’t alleviate the misses’) and find themselves – before it comes to an end with some dub-inspired melodica. Bringing to mind the gentler moments of early Blur but combining them with elements of Elliott Smith, Buffalo Tom and Real Estate, this is a beautifully breezy and melodically melancholy 2 minutes and 55 seconds.


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