The Xcerts – ‘Gimme’

The Xcerts Gimme song 2023

The Xcerts have made a welcome return with ‘Gimme’ – a short, sharp and spiky piece of distorted pop that finds the trio embracing the joys (and, of course, angst) that comes with complete artistic freedom. Murray Macleod said: ‘Lyrically, it’s more observational than gut-wrenchingly personal; when burning desire meets apathy, it’s both comical and pitiful, which makes for one hell of a scene.”

With an energetic video that recalls both ‘Basketcase’ and ‘Song 2’, the track finds Murray delivering lines like ‘Bow down to the master, bow down to your king, bow down to oblivion’ and ‘Bow down to your girlfriend, bow down to her skin, bow down to the other girl, bow down to whatever you’re drikning’ against the chunkiest of riffs and plenty of stop-start moments. Falling somewhere between The 1975’s ‘People’ and Funeral For a Friend’s ‘She Drove Me to Daytime Television’, it’s a delight to have The Xcerts back and we can’t wait to be singing along to these songs at their live shows in the near future.


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