Dutch Uncles – ‘Tropigala (2 to 5)’

Photo credit (video still): Ben Harrison Meek

Dutch Uncles have shared ‘Tropigala (2 to 5)’ ahead of the release of their sixth album, ‘True Entertainment’, on 10th March. The new single – inspired by ‘the cyclical resentment musicians sometimes harbour for the rest of the professional world’s lifestyles and aspirations (and vice versa); which can occasionally result in self-loathing and frustration’ – features a guest appearance from Metronomy’s Anna Prior.

Opening with spacey synths and what sounds a little like the art rock version of scatting, the song soon settles into a groove as Duncan Wallis explains how ‘there’s no words but they’re taking all my time’ over intelligent stop-start melodies you’ll be humming for days.

One thought on “Dutch Uncles – ‘Tropigala (2 to 5)’

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