Exit Child – ‘Dormant’

Exit Child Dormant Anya Pulver (Sœur)

Former Sœur guitarist and vocalist Anya Pulver has shared ‘Dormant’, the first single from her new project Exit Child. Described as a band ‘for fans of nihilism, self-loathing and long walks on the beach’, this song tackles the importance of mental health and how you should never lose sight of who you really are. Anya said that while writing: ‘My life felt stagnant, which was also palpable in the world around me. I was navigating loss and the trauma that triggered, amid the tempest of a global pandemic.’

Opening with grungey riffs and industrial tones, Anya sings about trying to reach a state of health, trying to work out if she’s right or wrong and pondering how ‘I don’t know if I’ll be ever strong’ before declaring ‘You can’t get rid of me’ with powerful defiance. As the guitars are turned up, the anxiety returns with her finishing the exhilarating 3 minutes and 9 seconds by looking inwards, once again with trepidationD: ‘I don’t know if I’ll ever be strong. Don’t know if I’ll make it out of my head.’


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