Gold Baby – ‘Cheer’

Photo credit: Sarah Currie

Gold Baby return with new single ‘Cheer’ – a song ‘about the feeling of disappearing’ according to songwriter Siân Fawcett and how changing situations can lead to you losing a sense of who you are: ‘When I listen to this song I can see myself vividly in certain situations from that  time, rooms filled with people, and I’m just floating around the edges like a sad little ghost.’

After a twinkly emo-tinged guitar hook intro, Siân starts to lay her soul bare – ‘I sat in my car and I cried a little bit. I cried a lot’; ‘I’m at the edges, I’m looking for the door, I don’t matter anymore. I’m not really here. I’m starting to disappear’ – with raw emotion. The combination of breezy sadpop hooks and poignant words reminded us of Keaton Henson or Tomberlin while the final delivery of ‘I’m gone already’ is beautifully devastating.


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