Parachute For Gordo – Eight Minutes of Weightlessness

Post rock is a notoriously hard genre to get right, but luckily Aldershot three-piece Parachute For Gordo know how to hit all the right buttons. Their recent EP, ‘Eight Minutes of Weightlessness’ hints at a band with lofty ambitions, but unlike like their moniker (one of the first monkeys to fly into space), they remain grounded throughout. The five-track EP features extreme drumming from Johnny Somersett that mixes superbly with John Harvey’s brooding bass lines, and the band have managed to find a common ground between experimental avant-garde instrumentation and blissfully beautiful atmospherics.

With hints of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky but also more rockier elements that recall local heroes Meet Mein St Louis and Hundred Reasons, the five tracks are direct, in your face and sure to be returned to again and again. They’ve also got fantastic song titles, including ‘Atlanta Beaver Ruin’ and ‘When I Was a Teenage Manta Ray’. The former expertly mixes in spoken-word samples with a wide-ranging soundscape while the latter almost clocks in at 7 and a half minutes but never loses momentum. With the occasional moment of off-microphone shouting, the three-piece manage to create a massive-sounding math-rock masterpiece.

Parachute For Gordo

The sample in ‘Monkey Doo’ features a shout-out to Farnborough, possibly the first time the town has been mentioned in a rock song. Especially of this ilk anyway. The closing ‘Lost Cat, Please Call…’ is driven along by Laura Lee’s relentless guitar riffs and ends up collapsing into a glorious mess before a final drumbeat-driven minute that has a distinctly Battles feel. After supporting The 1975 and soon to be playing with The Physics House Band, Parachute For Gordo are already establishing themselves in the live setting and if they can match the potential of this EP in future releases, they’re sure to soar further than any flying monkey ever did.

You can buy ‘Eight Minutes of Weightlessness’ via Bandcamp.

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