Dragons That Make Love to Pandas

A band called Dragons That Make Love to Pandas has to be worth checking out, don’t they? And luckily this Surrey three-piece live up to the astounding name. Although not quite the fire-breathing, bamboo stick-munching bears that you’d hope, the three lads specialise in a math rock sound that is progressive, full of grooves and sure to have you shuffling your feet. The band have already supported Johnny Foreigner and will soon be playing with the likes of I Saved Latin, Beware Wolf and The Social Club so are getting a solid grounding in the live setting.

With relentless riffs, just the right amount of shouting and constructive instrumental breakdowns littered throughout their set, they’re a band that will appeal to fans of Million Dead, Gunning For Tamar and Manchester Orchestra. We highly recommend them.

Find out more about Dragons That Make Love to Pandas:


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