Video special

With festival season in full swing, it’s great to see so many bands releasing videos for some of those songs we’ve been attempting to sing along to over the past few months.

Villagers‘ latest release from {Awayland}, ‘Earthly Pleasures’, has a video that takes the lyrics of the powerful song very literally. A toxic blend of 80s Sci-fi films and macabre humour, the video will definitely appeal to Conor O’Brien and Co’s loyal fans, but also has enough uniqueness and laugh-worthy moments to attract some new ones too.

Written with his brother Dominic, Eugene McGuinness makes a welcome return with his new single ‘Fairlight’. The highly psyechedelic video makes for a fitting complement to the track.

Highly atmospheric, the new video from Chalk for ‘In Your Suit’ focuses on a commute, while gently picking up some of the little things that sometimes pass you by in the daily grind. Sounding somewhere between Elliott Smith at his darkest and Patrick Wolf’s early years, we’re expecting big things here.

New Glaswegian band Fatherson have also released a brand new single, ‘Mine for Me’, with very little fanfare and it sounds like Tellison covering Frightened Rabbit. In other words, awesome.

We may be ever so slightly late here, but Stagecoach‘s video for ‘Action’ is a delight. Great song too!

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