Introducing: Moose Blood

Hailing from Canterbury and signed to No Sleep Records in the US and the fantastically named Fist in the Air Records in the UK, Moose Blood are here to make your life sound better. Having toured extensively with Funeral for a Friend, the four piece are starting to make a name for themselves and no wonder – their US-style brand of college emo is hard not to love and should find a fanbase not only with students, but anyone who loves the Kinsella bands and addictive melodies.

Their debut EP ‘Boston’/’Orlando’ contained two short songs that were full of heartbreak but also elements of Jimmy Eat World at their most forceful. ‘Boston’ talks about a break up, with spilt cups of coffee, laying around and putting books in boxes all being mentioned. ‘Orlando’ meanwhile has a massive-sounding opening and then again discusses an unrequited love. A strong opening, this was followed up with the six-track ‘Moving Home’, an EP that managed to reference American Football and Dashboard Confessional songs.

Moose Blood

‘Evening Coffee’ is an unashamedly romantic love song, hidden amongst some intricate guitar work, the impassioned vocals stated: ‘Close up all the windows and I’ll close the bedroom door, tonight you look so beautiful, more than you ever have before’. Now, try not to swoon at that line. Full of heart and the odd cultural reference, ‘Carbis Bay’ has a forceful opening that makes you intently listen to the lyrics while the instrumentation favourably ambles along. The closing ‘Bukowski’ mixes their US influences with perhaps a bit of Britpop as the jaunty opening pricks the ear, before going on to mention the likes of ‘Hemingway’, ‘Morrissey’ and again mentions of coffee and closing the window, as well as the touching offer of letting your other half borrow a sweater. References that are instantly accessible, this has singalong potential and hints at the exciting next step Moose Blood may take.

Describing themselves as ‘four friends drinking coffee and writing songs’, this close-knit group are letting you join the party. It would be rude to turn them down…

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