Introducing: Radstewart

The ‘novelty name based on a real person’ trend may, some might say thankfully, be coming to an end, but Cardiff four-piece Radstewart let their music do the talking. Painfully young for old timers like us, the band have recently signed to the mighty Alcopop! Records and despite their fledgling career, they’ve already toured with Sky Larkin and played shows with the likes of Johnny Foreigner and The Chapman Family, as well as making appearances at the likes of Green Man and Southsea Fest, with SWN still to come.

Their set at Southsea Fest may have been blighted by technical issues but you could see the great potential of the band even besides all this. Thankfully, their set at the West End Centre in Aldershot seemed to go without a hitch. Extremely polite between songs and with a genuine passion in their craft, the sound delightfully brings back memories of Ooberman and the slacker-stoner pop of Pavement, as well as some Carter USM. The all-too-honest lyrics are brilliantly witty and full of observations that would make Louis CK or Jerry Seinfeld proud: ‘If you go out and get drunk in a Native American headdress, then you’re a cunt’ and ‘This bar is pretentious and your wingman’s a thespian’ being two particular favourites.


‘Hot Damn’ is all slurred thoughts and opinions in the vein of Art Brut, with the addictive refrain of the title getting embossed deep inside your brain. ‘Beer Swindlers’ picks up the pace and has more than a little throwback to the Moldy Peaches and the lo-fi trend of the early 2000s, but this isn’t a bad thing. A great band with an understated sound that will fit perfectly on the impressive Alcopop! roster.

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