New music round-up, 7 October 2013

We’ve been listening to lots of good music lately and been to some great gigs. Sky Larkin showed why their third album deserves to be massive, Anamanaguchi provided us with pure sugar-rush fun at Southsea Fest and Tall Ships aired a new song which sounds like it could well be the breakthrough hit from their next release.

We were also lucky enough to see Jamie Lenman play his first show since announcing his comeback on Saturday night, but weren’t lucky enough to get tickets for next year’s Glastonbury. What festivals would you recommend as a replacement? Primavera in Porto looks a good shout, as does returns to 2000 Trees and Truck. Any other suggestions?

Anyway, with Breaking Bad now over, Monday nights are for enjoying new music and we’ve certainly been taken with the following songs and videos. We hope you find something you enjoy too.

Quiet LionsAre You Well

From the ashes of Jumping Ships come Quiet Lions and this is a very different sound. With a slow build and Michael Williams’ snarled vocals, it reminded us a little of The Cooper Temple Clause’s slower moments crossed with Mansun’s wide-ranging soundscapes.

Pirate Video CompanySustaining

If you still find yourself missing Blakfish, Pirate Video Company can help feel that void in your life. A brutal assault from the opening second, ‘Sustaining’ is full of interesting and intricate guitar work and even throws in an unexpected math-rock breakdown halfway through, all soundtracked by some great rock screams.

Heart-ShipsPinhole of Light

Reminiscent of The Maccabees’ recent output, ‘Pinhole of Light’ quickly evolves into something more interesting with the singer’s vocal range – and the galloping keyboard-led pop sound – bringing to mind experimental tone of Wild Beasts and the empassioned pleas of The Crimea.

The Lunchtime Sardine ClubRumours

From the mind-melting brain of Oliver Newton, also a member of Yndi Halda and Bermuda Ern, The Lunchtime Sardine Club have been likened to Elliott Smith, although we think there’s also a touch of ‘Sea Change’-era Beck, Sparklehorse and even a touch of Beach House. It’s wonderful.

You can also still download Dragons That Make Love to Pandas’ EP for FREE here.

Cold Crows Dead release their album and embark on a UK tour in December. A collaboration between Murray Macleod from The Xcerts and producer Paul Steel, ‘Ghost Burned Your House Down’ is fittingly dark and haunting.


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