Introducing: Kusanagi

A four-piece instrumental band from Liverpool, Kusanagi have shared the stage with an impressive roster including Maybeshewill, Tera Melos and Gallops and released their self-titled debut EP back in April. The four tracks featured on the record hint at a band with huge-sounding ideas, and they’re never afraid to experiment or try out new things to hit their goals.

With a bass galloping along and very angular guitar work, ‘Resistance is Character Forming’ works as a great introduction to what Kusanagi are about. There’s an extra depth added with the keyboard and there’s definitely a touch of And So I Watch You From Afar in the wide-scoped atmospherics. ‘This Is My Serious Face’ meanwhile opens with a blast of stop-start guitar that is delightfully reminiscent of Meet Me In St Louis before taking the math-rock route. Although it is highly experimental, it still remains accessible and even as a dark and piercing turn at the 2.15 mark makes your mind melt, it seamlessly and gently glides into a more subtle climax…

liverpool experimental instrumental band

The final two tracks on the EP both clock in at the seven-minute mark, giving the band more scope and time to create their well-layered sound. ‘Lisbeth’ sounds every bit like the post-rock epic it’s clearly trying to be, although stops abruptly, meaning you want so much more despite the longer running time. This doesn’t matter though as ‘Dramatic Exit’ quickly follows and the EP closer has fierce but melodic riffs that recall the likes of Wot Gorilla? and Gunning For Tamar, while also reaching a melodic and highly emotive finish. Dramatic and wide-ranging, Kusanagi are a post-rock band with promise.

Find out more about Kusanagi:

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