ArtClassSink – Illa

For as long as we can remember, Oxford has been home to some of the most dynamic, exciting and interesting bands around. After the huge success of Ride in the early 90s, shoegaze still holds a delightful hold over many of the bands formed in OX. And it’s in this genre where we find ArtClassSink, a band named after vocalist and guitarist Joe Biggs’ recurring dream where an artist was working on his masterpiece – but the washed-up colours in the sink ended up being more beautiful.

A four-piece who have supported the likes of We Are Augustines and Superfood, this EP will be released via NewLevel Recordings and the opening introduction of ‘She’ finds the band in a distinctly dark and menacing mood, but this soon lightened up by the Smiths-influenced ‘Time to Go’. However, there’s something more going on with complex intricacies that recalls more experimental bands like TTNG. With real venom, Joe repeatedly spits out the words ‘I hope to see you again’ at the start of ‘Cry for Help’ and you can feel his isolation as the song takes you into a dark and desolate place. The centrepiece of the EP, it brought to mind The Cooper Temple Clause’s epic first-album closer ‘Murder Song’, and anything that can do this is alright by us. The final track on the EP, ‘Someone to Try For’ finds the group at their most accessible, with the melodic riffs and hooks racking up inside your brain almost instantly. The EP effortlessly showcases the band’s different influences and it’s widely apparent this class isn’t full of drop-outs.


Find out more about ArtClassSink:


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