Brawlers – the new Alcopop! heroes

With Stagecoach sadly no longer together, we were wondering which band would take on their mantle of bringing some of the most lively and pumped-up crowds to Alcopop! takeovers througout 2014’s festival season. Well, the label’s new signing, Brawlers, might just be the answer.

Having only formed last summer and featuring former members of Dinosaur Pile-Up and Castrovalva, the band are already carving a reputation for themselves as a must-see live prospect and this brilliantly titled free download, ‘Instagram Famous’, has appeared on Rock Sound’s cover CD. Is it anything like Everything Everything’s similarly titled ‘Photoshop Handsome’? If it is, it’s the cool distant cousin who got kicked out of school for seeing through the bullshit and telling the world and his dog exactly how he saw it.

A rallying call against the trend for people to document every little thing on social networks, rather than living and enjoying life as it happens, there’s an element of Guided by Voices in their sound as well as Insomnia-era Feeder, but angrier and more riff-laden: ‘You know it don’t make any sense to me, you’re gonna take your picture.’ Clocking in at slightly over two minutes, this has whet the anticipation for yet another class Alcopop! signing and if you’re still not convinced, their debut EP is called ‘I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit’. You just have to check them out.


Find out more about Brawlers:


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