Owls – I’m Surprised

A super group who have been away from our ears for far too long, Owls have announced they will be releasing their sophomore album, simply titled ‘Two’ via Polyvinyl on 25 March. A little indicator of what to expect comes with the release of ‘I’m Surprised’. Opening with the admission that: ‘I’m surprised and I admit it, I’m surprised it’s true. To have grown up, to become. It’s a man that worries his friends’, you may be worried that the band would perhaps have decided to settle down and not be as full of ideas as before.

But this is Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Victor Villareal and Sam Zurick. They don’t pander and are always likely to come up with the unexpected. Riffs and odd time signatures combine over the relentless chorus of ‘The old theatre, going out. Coming in, coming out. The old theatre’ before the song threatens to fall apart in quite glorious fashion…


Find out more about Owls:


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