Darwin & the Dinosaur – Remus

Dinosaurs are awesome. We all grew up on Jurassic Park and we could spend hours looking at dinosaur fossils in museums. Norwich’s Darwin & the Dinosaur not only expertly combine these magnificent creatures with one of the most famous evolutionists (who studied every form of life except dinosaurs) in their name, but also create a brilliantly warming post-punk sound that finds them now releasing their sixth EP in as many years, this time called ‘Remus’.

The EP opens with ‘I Said Goodbye’, a song that has a refreshing blast of JetPlane Landing-style riffage and a huge amount of passion. With the massive statement of ‘Say something’ sang in style, the final minute takes an about-turn with the huge riffs owing a debt to Manchester Orchestra. This aggressive style is complemented by the moments of jangly guitar on ‘Evergreen’, a song that recalls all the great UK emo bands from the early 00s (we’re talking Hell is for Heroes, Hundred Reasons, even ThisGirl). The words of ‘This summer is made for us’ gives the song a positive vibe that fits in with the confident instrumentation.

‘Say to Me’ sounds like the kind of song that would have the kids at Reading Festival dancing and singing along until well into the early hours, with its flawless mixture of pop hooks and loud guitars delivered with the kind of swift panache that was the trademark of early Idlewild. These pop sensibilities continue through on ‘Forever May’, but this time with some wonderfully clever mathy moments. The closing ‘Stalemate’ is an altogether more brooding affair which has a thundering mid-section and an infectious chorus. With ‘Remus’, Darwin and the Dinosaur show how they have plenty of energy and life in their sound. They’re a long way from being extinct.

Find out more about Darwin & the Dinosaur:

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