Introducing: Meanwhile

We don’t know much about Meanwhile, but then again, most of the great pop stars have been enigmas, haven’t they? We do know that he’s a supremely talented songwriter, singer and producer who has experience as a film composer and is on a one-man mission to bring funk and soul into the 21st century. He’s already spliced this debut single ‘Luvletta’ with a fight scene from ‘Oldboy’ in a striking YouTube video and having signed to Fiction Records/Universal, we know we’ll be hearing a lot more from him at gigs, festivals AND nightclubs over the coming months.

The spirit of Prince is perfectly channelled throughout the synth-heavy ‘Luvletta’, although there are also elements of contemporary acts like M83 and latter-day Vampire Weekend’s in the song’s quirks and expertly played-out breakdown. With falsetto call-outs, invigorating blasts of guitar and a kaleidoscopic sound that remains completely fresh on every listen, this is a modern-day love song for those not afraid to dance.

Find out (a little) more about Meanwhile:


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