Spring Offensive – acoustic version of ‘Speak’ for Sofar

Anyone who has been lucky enough to attend a house gig will know there is something quite special about seeing one of your favourite bands in the most intimate of settings. Moving furniture about to fit in band members and equipment is all part of the fun. Although fully amped gigs are a superb experience, there is far less chance of the fun being stopped when a band plays unplugged.

Sofar Acoustic invites bands to play sessions in living rooms around the country and recently they asked Spectral Nights favourites Spring Offensive to play in a house in London (read our review of debut album ‘Young Animal Hearts’ here). The stunning results can be seen below as the five-piece run through ‘Speak’. Whittling the song down to its bare elements adds new depth and feeling to it, while also giving the harmonies even more power. The audience reaction, silent throughout the performance, at the end of the song says it all = Spring Offensive are a band who deserve a place in your heart (and living room).

We also definitely want a version of drummer Pelham’s jumper. You can not go wrong with dinosaurs.

Find out more about Spring Offensive:


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