Introducing: Victory Kicks

A band originally from the Isle of Wight, but now based in London, Victory Kicks are set to release their new album The Decibel Age later in the year. The first single from the album, ‘Junior Code Course’ is available via Bandcamp now and perfectly encaptures the band’s breezy take on fine indie-pop. The home-produced track is fairly restrained at first, but with glockenspiel thrown into the mix, it picks up and ends up reminiscent of US bands like Guided by Voice or a less hyper Hold Steady. The lyrics, ‘Shake off the fantasy, it’s blinding you’ hint that everything is not as bright as made out in the joyful lo-fi instrumentation.

This youthful buzz continues on ‘Ext. Avenue. Day’, a song which clocks in at around two and a half minutes and opens with some British Sea Power-style guitars before bringing in a direct blast of buoyant power pop hooks, like ‘I Should Coco’-era Supergrass. While doing this, it also manages to retain an effortless slice of lo-fi Lemonheads cool. Judging by these two songs, it looks like Victory Kicks look like they’re on to a winner.

Find out more about Victory Kicks:


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