Monument Valley – Tattooed Fists

Tattooed Fists

Monument Valley is a one-man band (known as Ned Younger to his friends and family) and he’s already gained praise from many of the top names in the music press. His latest single ‘Tattooed Fists’ is a deeply personal, hard-hitting but surprisingly warm-hearted list of observations about modern life. From tourists to toilet circuit venues (‘A soundcheck in a black box of a venue, I bet it remembers every fight between mid-level bands’), the song goes into detail about losing a fight, stating ‘Your glass jaw isn’t glass anymore’, before expertly referencing the Boss in a delicately humorous way: ‘It was never ironic, it was never smug, dancing around your handbag in a high street pub and punching the air when they put Springsteen on…’. Heartbreaking and moving, the song sounds somewhat like if Leonard Cohen decided to cameo on an M. Ward song. Gloriously gorgeous.

Find out more about Monument Valley:


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