Sam Airey – Station Approach

Photo By Sam J Bond

Already a favourite with all the trusted BBC presenters, Sam Airey is set to release his debut album later this year, but first he will drop the first single in June, the title track ‘Station Approach’, via Hide & Seek Records. Recorded and mixed by Whiskas from ¡Forward, Russia! and mastered by the Leeds band’s singer Tom Woodhead, Sam has certainly surrounded himself with the right people – especially considering his live band also contains members of Grammatics and Dancing Years.

Raised in rural Wales, but now happily a resident of Leeds, you can tell that Sam has not forgotten his routes in the folk-tinged ‘Station Approach’. Alongside the delicate acoustic guitar, a haunting falsetto is very much at the forefront in this bleak and instrospective track. Recalling the likes of Elliott Smith for the first minute, the song takes a dramatic turn as drums and strings join the fold, adding even more emotion. After three minutes, a huge crashing sound signals another change in tempo and brings to mind the more dynamic moments of Sweet Billy Pilgrim. Listen to this song and prepare to be spellbound.

Find out more about Sam Airey:

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