Deep Elm release new compilation ‘Sometimes I See You in the Stars’ – featuring a new Our Lost Infantry song

Deep Elm Records is held in high regard by many music fans around the world and with their recent decision to offer up their entire back catalogue on a ‘pay-what-you-want’ basis, the American label is set to grow. As a thank you to their loyal fans – and to encourage those new to the label to discover a new favourite band – the label is releasing their twelfth compilation ‘Sometimes I See You in the Stars’.

Featuring Accents, Moonlit Sailor, Athletics and Dorena (all bands well worth a listen), we’re most excited to finally hear a full studio version of Our Lost Infantry’s ‘The Dry Salvages’. We already posted a video, recorded by our friends at Death of the Blogger, of the band playing this unplugged in a church, but the full-band sound adds extra resonance to the song. Named after a T.S. Eliot poem, it’s already establishing itself as one of the live favourites in OLI’s set, and we now expect to hear more singalongs in the future…

Download ‘Sometimes I See You in the Stars’ here.

Find out more about Our Lost Infantry:

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