Save the Boileroom

Guildford Boileroom

As I settled down to endure England’s latest defeat last night, I was shocked and saddened to read over various social media feeds that Guildford’s Boileroom is threatened with closure. After almost eight years of regular gigs, shows, performances and more, the Boileroom is regarded as one of Surrey’s treasures and favourite alternative venues. Supporting everything from local bands to ACM showcases and international touring acts, the venue provides an outlet for creativity in Guildford.

Now, the Boileroom may be shut down. The reasons why are outlined in the petition to save the Boileroom from closure, which you can – and should – sign here: ‘Our fairly new neighbours, who rent the house adjacent to the venue have put in an application to review our license, with the direct intention and request that the council revoke our license with immediate effect. Their message is very clear: they want to shut us down.’

This is despite the Boileroom being a valued aspect of the local community and the venue’s staff taking licensing restrictions very seriously, working ever so hard to keep any noise at a minimum – how many other venues have an airlocked double on-off door system to keep the noise out as punters head into the smoking area?

Following on from the closure of the Blind Tiger in Brighton due to a similar complaint, this is a very sad day for music. The Boileroom is a much-needed venue for bands in the local Surrey/Hampshire area, it gives them the chance to hone their skills, support their heroes and learn about gig life. It’s such a shame that two people have apparently decided that this just doesn’t matter.

With your support, the Boileroom can continue to go from strength to strength and continue to bring more acts like Tall Ships, The Xcerts and Nick Oliveri, alongside the best in local talent and other arts, to a town that most definitely needs a smaller-sized venue.

You can sign the petition to keep the Boileroom safe from closure here:

You can sign the government petition to review Noise Abatement legislation here:

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