Salvation Bill – FML (Feel My Lump)

Salvation Bill review

Salvation Bill is truly a mesmerising prospect and now Ollie Thomas’ all-encompassing musical project is back with a new single – the self-depreciatingly titled ‘FML (Feel My Lump)’. With guitar work that has the essence of math-rock complexity looped around an altogether more tropical ambience, Oxford resident Ollie’s distinctive and slightly mumbled vocals are delivered with some real passion as he delivers the darkly humourous lyrics like a seasoned storyteller. With the pummelling bass also present throughout, the song is reminiscent of Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s frenzied potency but also retains the quirky pop sensibilities of The Voluntary Butler Scheme.

The B-side is ‘Tony Blair Extraordinaire’, a not-so-subtle rant against our former prime minister. Delicate string effects contrast with the seething anger as Ollie states ‘Tony, you’re a phoney’, describes how ‘I’d like for just one minute, to see a world without you in it’ and then asks the question ‘Are you haunted by visions of graves in the desert?’

Find out more about Salvation Bill:

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