Uncle Luc – ‘Stay Clean’ stream


Ahead of the March release of a mini album recorded using only old analogue gear – and each song within three hours and in a maximum of three takes – at Lolipop Studios in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Uncle Luc has streamed its first single ‘Stay Clean’ on Soundcloud.

Only two minutes long and with a classical, vintage feel thanks to the way it was recorded to half-inch tape, the acoustic song opens with the words: ‘A midweek call would be best, but until then we’ll make do’ before talking about running baths, keeping clean and how ‘A little time might be best kept at your mother’s nest’. It has a Nashville spirit running through while also offering nods to more contemporary artists like Wilco. In fact, it wouldn’t feel out of place on Gaz Coombes’ latest solo album.

Saying it was the ‘natural choice to capture the songs in a real light’, the recording gives the song an extra element while the lyrics seem to nod towards looking out for a close friend or loved one. It’s always good to see acts work within self-imposed restrictions – it’s the perfect outlet for extra creativity and Uncle Luc seems to have rose to the occasion. It’s exciting to hear the rest of the record.

The five-track album will be released on extremely limited 7”, an Echo Park-shaped sleeve CD and digitally via Super Fan 99 Records.

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