Joe Booley – ‘Not a Fairy Tale’/’Love is a Story’ EP review

Hailing from Bordon, Surrey, Joe Booley is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter with a healthy respect for both the classic artists in his fields and his local peers – counting Spectral Nights favourite Annabel Allum among his friends.

Opening fairly quietly with ‘Not a Fairytale’, the song showcases his very emotive and atmospheric nature. With ever-so-slightly mumbled vocals that belie his tender years, he puts his heart on the line as he asks: ‘Why can’t you be the one for me?’ and states that ‘Love is not a fairy tale’ with some conviction. As the song progresses, Joe begins to play with choral samples and the song even takes a surprising turn into post-rock territory as it reaches its dramatic climax.

Joe Booley singer

‘Love is a Story’ is a slightly more straightforward affair with a fuller guitar sound in the opening moments and teenage observations on modern love: ‘Love is a story about me and you’; ‘Some people say love is only true in Disney films and fairy tales’. Joe Booley is a name to remember. Bursting with potential, Joe Booley is a name worth noting…

Buy the single from Bandcamp.

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