Matt McKee signs to Super Fan 99 Records and streams ‘Alchemy and Other Tricks’

Matt McKee

Our friends at Super Fan 99 Records have announced their new signing and he’s a singer-songwriter who is sure to spark your attention. London-based Matt McKee will be releasing his debut album ‘The Body You Ride Around In’ – recorded over the past eight months, when he’s also been travelling around Russia and Japan – within the next few weeks. For now, you can get a taster of his record by listening to the Bandcamp stream of ‘Alchemy and Other Tricks’.

Produced by Henri Vaxby, the genteel song opens with some delicate acoustic strums and thoughtful, observational lyrics that reflect on the way memories can change who we are and how we don’t always learn from them. Sometimes it takes some time. Although wistful, there’s an underlying sense of hope that recalls the likes of Tom Williams. There’s also a head into a more jaunty ‘emo’-like sound towards the song’s climax that could sit in with Into It. Over It. The poetic lyrics are also very perceptive: ‘The car radio sings me into nostalgia’s grip’ and ‘I spin the life I lead into gold’ both packed with feeling.

It’s a tender yet stirring introduction to a real talent.

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