Cavalry – ‘An Understanding’ stream

Cavalry Liverpool

We all know Liverpool’s rich history when it comes to providing perfect pop bands – from the 60s heyday to the likes of The Coral in more recent (well, you know what we mean…) years, there’s always been something special going on in Merseyside. How will BBC favourites five-piece Cavalry – a band who have already supported British Sea Power, The Antlers and Steven Malkmus – compare to their forefathers?

‘An Understanding’ (released 31 May) certainly hints they’re on the right track. An electronica-laced opening with floaty vocals and dreamy guitar lines recalls Villagers’ {Awayland}, while as the song builds into more anthemic territory the vocal interplay and big-sounding chorus have a touch of Dry the River’s penchant for bombastic, memorable and passionate hooks. Although they’re softer to begin with, there’s a delicious rasp in Alan Croft’s lead vocals that blends perfectly with a sound that is ready-made for festivals.

A song where you notice something new every time you listen, the grand yet wistful sound is sure to appeal to fans of Ryan Adams and The National, too. A band you should watch out for, Cavalry will soon be on the march towards success – why not join the charge?

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