Cotillon – ‘Call Me Up’ single stream via Super Fan 99 Records

Cotillon Super Fan 99

Ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album this summer, Los Angeles-based Cotillon have unveiled their new single ‘Call Me Up’. Released in the UK on limited edition clear 8” vinyl by the ever-reliable Super Fan 99 Records, it’s the perfect start to the summer with its nostalgic feel that pretty much sums up those days spent lounging around and playing sports at your local park…

Originally Jordan Corso’s solo project, Cotillon evolved into a band in 2013 and have toured the States extensively ever since. Now, after recording in the same studio where ‘Pet Sounds’ came to life and receiving rave reviews from the likes of Spin and Vanity Fair (!), we finally get to hear the fruits of their labour. Guitar hooks bursting with positivity mark the start of the song while Corso sounds hopeful as he sings about how: ‘There’s still time, there’s still hope’. However, the song takes a Rivers Cuomo-like turn when it becomes apparent this is a song for a lover who’s found someone else. Someone who has a gold watch and ‘even drives a Mercedes’.

As the song races along there’s a ‘Hungry Heart’-era Springsteen vibe racing through its core, but with the contemporary musings of a band like Dawes alongside some lyrical statements of intent that will resonate with anyone who believes they’ve found – and subsequently lost – ‘the one’: ‘I don’t have much girl, but I have a true heart’; ‘Girl you know I’d swim for you’. The song may clock in at only two minutes and 40 seconds, but there is still time for it to expertly dip into 60s psychedelia before the time’s up – quite a feat after the surf pop that has come beforehand… On the strength of ‘Call Me Up’, Cotillon will be a band you’ll be more than happy to dial into time and time again.

Pre-order the ‘Call Me Up’ vinyl via Super Fan 99 Records.

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