The Spills – ‘Crash-landed Clouds’ stream and review

The Spills Alcopop

Ahead of their second album (released by our friends at Alcopop! Records in September), Wakefield band The Spills have unveiled a single to be released on 7” via Too Pure on 29 June. The single will consist of ‘Crash-landed Clouds’ and ‘A Film and a Frame’ and you can hear the former below.

Opening with intense ambience – subsequently broken up by a scream of ‘I never said there’d be comfort in being born’ – there are soon ‘Caught by the Fuzz’-esque guitars and a hell of a punky attitude in the snarled lyrics of ‘Crash-landed Clouds’. There’s also a touch of Idlewild’s ‘Annihalate Now’ as the band sing about how: ‘It doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep. I have so many other ways to have bad dreams’. On this showing, the band will be able to replace these bad dreams with more positive ones very soon… Feel free to jump on their cloud.


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