Easy Kill – ‘Mould’ single review and stream

‘Cos when we first started this, we were just kids. You were surface, I was deep’.

Easy Kill Manchester

Manchester’s Easy Kill are a band with a candid approach to songwriting and this openness and sincerity runs through ‘Mould’, the lead single from their ‘Already Entitled’ EP (available on My Little Empire Records). A break-up song that would make Conor Oberst shed a tear, it opens in very sparse fashion as the lyrics provide a very honest appraisal of why a relationship ended…

As the instrumentation subtly evolves through the song’s 5 minutes and 40 seconds, subjects are covered in a similar fashion to Villagers’ latest album – there’s no hiding away from feelings or shirking responsibilities with Easy Kill. There’s also some deep-rooted passion as the words: ‘I hated the words as they fell out your mouth’ and ‘I hated myself but I hurt you instead’ are delivered with a surprising amount of grace.

Alongside talk of empty rooms, the reverberated guitars provide plenty of melodic moments as the song builds to its dramatic and anthemic climax that mixes harder drumbeats with an evocative falsetto. Personal yet powerful, Easy Kill share many traits with The Crimea and this is something to both be applauded and get excited about. ‘Mould’ will hopefully spore them on to bigger things…


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