An interview with Jack from Jurassic Pop

Jack Jurassic Pop

Everyone loves dinosaurs. You just have to remember the outrage when it was revealed that Dippy would no longer be keeping watch over the Natural History Museum in London… Phenomenal creatures that we thought we’d only see the fossils and descendants of, they were spectacularly brought back to life by Steven Spielberg in 1993’s Jurassic Park. Based on Michael Crichton’s bestseller, the film was the biggest of all time and changed not only the landscape of the film industry but anyone who grew up in the 90s’ life…

There is no bigger Jurassic Park fan than Jack Clothier and now we can all bask in the glory of his Jurassic Pop project. Signed to Fierce Panda, the band writes songs entirely about Jurassic Park – and you can hear the first track ‘Whoever you Are, Whoever you’re With, You Must ALWAYS Make Time to Get with Jeff’ from their EP ‘Jurassic Park 5: The Erotic Adventures of Jeff Goldblum’ now.

Like a good paleontologist, I wanted to discover more about the band and dig into Jack’s love of Jurassic Park so asked him a few questions…

You’re a band 65 million years in the making… It’s about time you introduced yourselves… and feel free to give yourself a dinosaur nickname!

Thank you Ryan. We are Jurassic Pop. The finest beat combo EVER to emerge from the wilds of Isla Nublar since records began… We brandish dinosaur-based pop hits as sharp as a Raptor’s Claw, and take on the territory other bands are afraid to work with; namely effusive hatred of treacherous Dennis Nedry, the excitement of seeing a dinosaur eating a shark – and of course, unbridled lust for Jeff Goldblum. We all have nicknames actually, but as we’re a 6 or 7 piece (never quite sure) I don’t want to fill up this whole interview telling you them. Instead we’ll give you a nickname. Ryan ‘Daemonosaurus’ Barham.
Now you’re in the band 😉

Singing songs solely about Jurassic Park is clearly a genius idea, but what else can people expect from your EP and live show?

Why thank you 🙂 Well, all I can promise is a raucous lo-fi blend of dinosaur nonsense and general Goldblum-sized happiness across the lot. We very much drop bits into the set (and indeed onto our EP) as we thought of them, so it’s not at all a considered plot here. If you like we’re way more Goldblum than Grant…. We believe Life Will Find A Way, and that chaos is super cool.

Working with Fierce Panda is very exciting. How did this come about?

It’s about the most exciting thing ever for me, and we’re massively humbled by it. I grew up dreaming of signing to Fierce Panda, and now – it’s actually happened. We sent the tracks to only one label (true story) because I know they’re into the kind of things historically that mix it up a bit (see the incredible Wibbling Rivalry EP), and we couldn’t ask for a better home.

What are the plans for summer and beyond for Jurassic Pop?

See if we can survive the fall out of Jurassic Park World I guess… We’ve not seen the film yet, but I can only imagine that bad things are bound to happen – and with InGen safely tucked away elsewhere, we’re the obvious port of call for legal battles with the families of the folk who have been gobbled up by Jurassic beasts… If all that’s OK though, we’re getting our EP ready for a vinyl release in September/ October, and gearing up for some lovely festivals like 2000 Trees and Nozstock.

Jurassic Park pop band

Anyone who has watched you live will have seen you also reference other pop culture moments from 1993. Name three other things that made you happy in this roar-some year.

Hmmmm – this is an excellent question! I’ll mix up my genres and go foooorrr Cool Runnings, Peter Ndlovu and All That She Wants by Ace of Base.

Your song ‘Jurassic Park Number 1’ sums up the feelings of a wide-eyed 9-/10-year-old seeing the film for the first time perfectly. Did you know straight away that this was the most important film of your generation? Did you see it on the big screen more than once?

Thanks Ryan – that’s exactly what we’re going for! I saw it on the big screen several times, and though I’m not sure I understood that right away – I knew that Jurassic Park was something special. It was the first time I’d experienced true unbridled HYPE, and I bloody loved it! I had the tees, cards, McDonalds cups, birthday cake, the lot… (and I wasn’t a greedy child, honest). I was just so SO into the idea of Jurassic Park, and the film only exceeded my expectations.

Did you prefer playing as Alan Grant or the Velociraptor on the Jurassic Park Mega Drive game you sing so passionately about?

The Raptor! Alan Grant is a poor man’s Jeff Goldblum.

I have a scrapbook full of JP stuff from 1993 (including two birthday cards, empty crisp packets, ice-cream wrappers and a newspaper pull-out). What’s your favourite piece of Jurassic Park merchandise?

You are a true JP hero and I respect you for it. My absolute favourite was actually something of a classic, but I loved it with all my heart (though mum bought me a Triceratops cake which was INSANE!) was the classic JP logo tee on black. A fucking GLORIOUS thing.

Clearly, the ‘Clever Girl’ scene has a strong place in your heart but what’s your second favourite scene from the original film?

Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Life Will Find A Way’ speech. Possibly it’s my favourite even above Clever Girl. SO wise and so brilliantly put together/ continually relevant to us as a human race.

Who do you feel is the most under-rated dinosaur in the franchise?

Triceratops I think. Would have liked to have seen more of them. Great dinosaurs, and they could have been used a lot more. They’ve got everything really, right?

Jurassic Park band

How are you feeling about Jurassic World? Positive/nervous/hopeful?

All of the above! I think (hope) it’s going to be the film of a generation. The flick that gets kids excited about the franchise all over, and makes people remember what they loved about the first one. JP3 was such a shitstorm of crap, and the public knows they deserve better. Dinosaurs are just BRILLIANT, and this can remind everyone about it again.

Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant – Shag, Marry, Kill and reasons why.

Ian Malcolm: Shag, because we have written a song saying that you must. So I’d be a liar if I was to say anything else.
Ellie Sattler: Marry, because she’s wise, fun and we could talk about dinosaurs forever – and I feel that if she had a lifetime to teach me stuff, I’d still never learn everything she knows. So cool.
Alan Grant: I wouldn’t wish death on anyone (except perhaps Nedry) – but this guy is a shadow of Ian and Ellie – so he has to go. Sorry Alan x

Find out more about Jurassic Pop:

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