Are you a creative individual? Enter Desperados CityHack competition!


Do you dream of working in the entertainment industry and being part of the country’s biggest events? Whether you’re in a hot new band, are putting on shows in your local area, designing zines and flyers or want to work behind the scenes making sure sets look as dazzling as they could possibly be, Desperados are giving young talent the chance to shine even brighter.

City Hack is a competition designed to help the hottest creative talent in the country make their mark on their way to fame and success. Local teams from across London, Manchester and Bristol will have the chance to put on huge-scale stunts, parties and events that turn heads in their cities as they battle against each other, all with A-list budgets and mentoring from the likes of UKF talent such as ex-Rinse FM Breakfast DJ Carly Wilford and Foreign Beggars’ frontman Pav. This super-exciting competition will culminate in a massive party-off as support acts to Sigma at the 02’s Building 6.

To put yourself forward to be part of one of these teams, you’ll have to show how you reflect your city’s passion and creative edge – in just 15 seconds. Record a video that sums up just what makes you stand out when it comes to creative ideas around your local area and apply via With the 15-second limit, you won’t have long to show what you can do – so make sure you stand out from the crowd!

The most impressive candidates will then be assembled into teams (or crews) and challenged to take over their cities in the boldest, loudest and most exciting ways possible – including hosting a ‘red’ party based around the brand new Desperados Red.

You’ll have to show just why you are among the UK’s brightest creative talent and prove you have what it takes to overcome any limitations that you may face!

The winners – those who put on the most spectacular show – will receive a full 12-month mentorship with UKF’s specialised mentors.

To apply for this exciting opportunity, simply visit:

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