Into It. Over It. stream ‘No EQ’ – the first single from 2016 album ‘Standards’

Into It. Over It. 2016 album No EQ Standards Evan Weiss

When we were looking through the list of albums coming out in 2016, one spring release stood out in particular – the new one from Into It. Over It. We’re sure we don’t have to reiterate what huge fans we are of Evan Weiss and his various musical outputs, but this – the third ‘Proper’ II.OI. (pun very much intended) full-length – has had a level of intrigue ever since he shared photographs of him and writing partner Josh Sparks in what seemed to be a remote cabin similar to that preferred by Walter White.

With a release date of 7 March now confirmed by Triple Crown Records for the album, we’re delighted to hear ‘No EQ’, the first track from ‘Standards’. Recorded with producer John Vanderslice, the album has only used analogue equipment which – on this track, at least – gives it a more ‘live’ feel and more organic. Opening with jangly, post-rock-tinged riffs, the drums come in with gusto and it’s all sounding very jangly and soothing before Evan’s vocals come in. Spitting out words about being ‘born too late’ and ‘a waste of space’, the melodies combine Bloc Party’s ‘So Here We Are’ with regular tour mates The World Is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die’s more fraught and impassioned sound.

‘An aching brain doesn’t process things quite the same’ is one of the standout lyrics while there’s also plenty of the melancholic edge that works so well in the Into It. Over It. sound. It’s a great teaser for what we expect will be one of the records of 2016.

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