Diet Cig – ‘Sleep Talk’ and ‘Dinner Date’ stream and review

Diet Cig Sleep Talk

‘I can’t play instruments very well’ is a remarkably honest and self-depreciating opening line. And it was all it took for us to fall for ‘Sleep Talk’ by Diet Cig. Throw in some ‘60s-style drums and even more humour as the two-piece move along before delivering the heartbreaking admission ‘And if I told you I loved you, I don’t know who would scare away faster’. Capturing the essence of youth and themes that run through it – being scared, lonely and absolutely terrified of commitment, the song has a touch of Rilo Kiley in the melodic pop moments that mixes perfectly with the punky anti-folk sound.

‘Dinner Date’ is an altogether grittier affair with plenty of oomph complementing its sentimental themes. Alex Luciano sings – with an extra bite – about how ‘I don’t like to fucking slow dance’ before going on to list family problems: ‘Mom said don’t buy vegetables because they won’t last’; ‘The turkey is tasty like the shit you’re talking’. Tackling seemingly routine problems with short, sharp and droll wit, Diet Cig are a two-piece who you won’t be afraid to get addicted to.

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