Mid-October round-up featuring Living Body, Vasa, Pet Grief, Communist Daughter and Mainland

Living Body Leeds band Soundcloud new music stream Sky Larkin

Living Body – ‘Choose

A Leeds supergroup formed by members of Sky Larkin, Vessels and Juffage, Living Body’s new track is a Life Without Buildings-style anthem that is full of melodic angst. The words ‘Get out while you can’ are repeated over and over again, while there is also something excitingly orchestral in the sound. Tagging themselves as ‘post-Brexitcore’ on Soundcloud (and that’s a genre we can all get behind), we reckon this will appeal to fans of everyone from The Breeders to Everything Everything.

Vasa – ‘Burst

Ahead of a tour with Poly-Math, Glasgow’s Vasa have unveiled a new song with an intriguing video. With its slow-build opening, the song then makes way for some crunching riffs before these make way for a more galloping aesthetic and odd time signatures galore. As it progresses, ‘Burst’ gets more and more erratic before the band delve into a hugely emotional climax.

Pet Grief – ‘Marks the Spot

One of the stand-out tracks on an awesome self-titled EP released via Hanger Records (The New Tusk, Grieving), Pet Grief’s ‘Marks the Spot’ marks them out as a post-punk band who could happily sit alongside everyone from Cassels to Eagulls. Opening with chunky riffs and an almost spoken-word vocal, the guitars become more stop-start and scattergun as the lyrics become more impassioned: ‘I think it’s time we started living in the real world’.

Communist Daughter – ‘Roll a Stone

This is a glockenspiel-enhanced slice of chamber pop from Minnesota band Communist Daughter’s new album ‘Roll a Stone’. Gloomy and folk tinged, there’s a touch of Agent Fresco or even Mew in the glorious hooks, while there’s also a darkness within the high-reaching soundscapes as the band sing ‘make heartbreak your home’.

Mainland – ‘Permission Slip

The Strokes meets James with just a touch of A Great Big Pile of Leaves in this exuberant and thrilling song from Brooklyn four-piece Mainland. There’s a youthful spirit that you will completely get swept up in as the band declare ‘We’re free to do whatever we want’. Three and a half minutes of unadulterated exuberance and ‘don’t give a shit’-style feelings are highlighted by the opening salvo: ‘I’m pissed, I’m stripped of all my faith in everyone I miss’.


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