Mid-November new music round-up featuring Fizzy Blood, Pip Hall, Orchards, OhBoy and Cigarettes After Sex

OhBOy, Orchards, FIzzy Blood, Cigarettes After Sex, new music, Pip Hall

Fizzy Blood – ‘Animals

Opening with Reuben-style riffs and vocals that nod to Future of the Left, Fizzy Blood’s ‘Animals’ wastes no time in telling you how ‘we’re all just animals’. Heavy and dark but with plenty of melody, there are also slightly twisted lyrics stating: ‘Nothing left to lose, a neck tie for a noose, spend some time with me, I’ll have your fabric hanging loose’. The final two minutes of the song feature a healthy dose of screaming amongst the darkness.

Pip Hall – ‘Devil You Don’t

A 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Preston, Pip Hall will be releasing ‘Devil You Don’t’ via our friends at My Little Empire Records. Ambient and laced in subtle synths and genteel guitars, Pip’s vocals will raise goosebumps on this slice of intelligently crafted pop. The likes of Goldfrapp and Bat for Lashes are clear touchpoints and Pip seems to be tackling big issues: ‘When the silence comes, please don’t shout. I’ll wait there’.

Orchards – ‘Honey

We saw Orchards at last year’s Together the People festival in Brighton and have been keeping a keen eye on them ever since. They’ve played with the likes of Meet Me in St Louis and Alpha Male Tea Party and in ‘Honey’ they provide an ode to bees (or unrequited love): ‘Don’t you forget that sweet taste I left in your mouth. Fill that sugar slipping down’. With so many addictive hooks and even a sing-along element, this is a slice of math rock with an extra dripping of fun.

OhBoy – ‘Hey Princess

It seems far too long since we featured an Alcopop! band and OhBoy are a fine addition to their incredible roster. Set to release an album next year, the Northampton band’s ‘Hey Princess’ is a refreshing blast of grunge-tinged rock and roll. Drawing influences from Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Kr and Ryan Adams’ rockier moments, the song takes a look at growing up: ‘All the boys want to be men’ and the ever-changing nature of love: ‘Suzanne, you’re not the girl for me’ – all wrapped up in a sweet melody.

Cigarettes After Sex – ‘K

A Brooklyn band formed in 2008 who are now starting to sell out venues all over the world, Cigarettes After Sex specialise in ambient and affecting songs that have a habit of creeping into your brain and ‘K’ is no exception. An account of how a night of no-strings sex led to a passionate relationship – and its subsequent break-up – it’s a hazy and personal outpouring that you can’t help but be moved by: ‘Stay with me, I don’t want you to leave’…


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