New music round-up featuring Orchards, Silent Forum, Dialects, Colour of Spring, Dialects and The Dirty Nil

Orchards new music Darling stream

Orchards – ‘Darling

Brighton’s Orchards are fresh off a UK and EU tour supporting PWR BTTM and their emimently danceable math rock is showcased perfectly on ‘Darling’. Combining elements of latter-day Paramore with some of Dutch Uncles’ clever sensibilities, it even has a gloriously powerful singalong chorus that ends with the statement ‘I can be yours – darling!’ This kind of indepent spirit is also clear as they sing with some defiance: ‘I’m not nothing at all’ and then finish the song with a huge drum solo.

Silent Forum – ‘Limbo

With an angular start reminiscent of Editors or Interpol, singer Richard Wiggens opens ‘Limbo’ with the question (or is it a statement?): ‘Can I have 60 seconds of your time? Can I have one minute of your time?’  He then goes on to lament the fact that every song he writes is about the same person and keeps reaffirming that he’s ‘not over it’… halfway through, there’s a change in tempo to Wild Beasts-esque post-punk and the mood is elevated as he begins to ask the subject: ‘Can I waste another year of your life?’ before then explaining how he wants time to work things out.

Colour of Spring – ‘Echoes

‘Echoes’ is the latest song from Colour of Spring and it shows them as a fine shoegazing band whose guitars create a wall of sound that surrounds the pounding drums just like your favourite, most comfortable footwear. With atmospheric effects throughout, it’s kind of a cross between the slow-burning genius of Slowdive and the ear-piercingly loud emotions of The Twilight Sad as the band sing about how ‘It echoes through your head and goes’.

Dialects – ‘When You Die, You’re Truly Alone

We’ve written about Dialects a few times on Spectral Nights and they’ve never, ever disappointed. Their latest releases have seen the instrumental post-rockers turn things down a notch as their songs have been tackling the subject of mortality. With a very ambient opening, the guitars are turned up a notch around one and a half minutes in with elements of Explosions in the Sky combine with more avant-garde influences. The song ends with the guitars making an almost Antlers-esque lullaby sound and the bass and drum melodies resembling a heart monitor as it slowly draws to a close…

The Dirty Nil – ‘Caroline

The Dirty Nil seem to be constantly on tour with a whole host of impressive acts and ‘Caroline’ is a grungey, bluesy beast of a song that shows why they’re held in such high regard. It starts almost like an amped-up waltz before the huge guitars and driving bass take over, while the band sing about lovers and liars. We’d recommend this song to fans of everyone from The Computers to Tigercub.


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