Bad News Club – ‘False Start’ stream

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Bad News Club – ‘False Start

Luke Prosser’s Bad News Club returns with another song to make you sad. With an emotive Antlers-esque opening, ‘False Start’ progresses into a slice of dream pop a la Beach House as woozy guitars join the mix. Luke sings about how ‘The curtains are closing as you realise it’s over. You turn your back on me for the final time but you wouldn’t listen even if I was sober. I’m losing my loved ones but I think I’ll be just fine’ before declaring that ‘I will focus on the pain, it makes me feel alive’. With all the feelings on show, Luke’s meticulous vocals add so much and as the song veers towards its climax he delivers a heartfelt line about how about how his safety net  has been pulled from underneath him before then finishing with the visceral question ‘What were you trying to achieve with teary eyes like fallen leaves?’


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