Top 5 Influences and Digs: Magana

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Jeni Magana‘s ‘Golden Tongue’ EP was a hautingly beautiful listen that tackled subjects of loneliness and despair with real heart and soul. Available now via Audio Antihero, it’s an incredible listen for fans of Cat Power and Perfume Genius. We asked Magana to talk us through five songs that have influenced her work and five that she is enjoying right now…

Five Influences:

Feist‘How Come You Never Go There’ (Metals)

I love her guitar playing, her voice, the simplicity of the drums making a super heavy groove.  I love the ambience.  I love how I think of forests when I listen to it.

Julien Baker‘Sprained Ankle’ (Sprained Ankle)

This is a pretty new influence for me.  It encourages me to know that you can be so bare and open and it’ll come across on the merit of your honesty.  I’m right there with her for every second of this record.

Danny Elfman ‘Jack’s Lament’ (The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack)

Ok, I know this is kind of weird.  But it pretty much sums up what I’m all about.  The whole movie has influenced how I think about creating soundscapes.  I think my record lives somewhere in the woods that Jack is wandering when he sings this song.

Grizzly Bear‘Little Brother’ (Yellow House)

This record also reminds me of being in the woods. I guess I just really like trees. But anyway, I love the vibe of this song. They’re just beautiful.

Radiohead ‘Airbag’ (OK Computer)

Radiohead has basically been an influence on how I want to make music forever, so I feel like I have to put them in this list.

Five Digs:

Mitski‘Once More to See You’

I love this woman.  It’s like Heaven + rock music.

Lorde‘Homemade Dynamite’

She totally knows her own sound.  I’ve been rocking this whole record a lot recently.  It’s poppy, catchy, and emotional.

Spoon‘Do I Have To Talk You Into It?’

I saw them live recently and they sound just like the record.  It’s crazy!  Anyway, they killed it with this track as per usual.  It sounds like a party.

Angel Olsen‘Shut Up Kiss Me’

Very into the evolution of her music.  I loved her solo and I’m super into the band situation.  And the new things she’s doing with her voice!

Katie Von Schleicher – ‘Midsummer’

Tasty ear candy.  The sounds are great, the song is great, it totally resonates with me.


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