McCafferty – ‘Finally’ stream

McCafferty Take This to Heart Records new music Finally pop punk rock emo
‘Finally’ features on Take This to Heart Records signings McCafferty‘s new split EP with Triple Crown’s Heart Attack Man. The pop-rock song is described by the Ohio band as a celebration of their love of alternative music and opens with some melodic guitars and a singalong burst of ‘Wa-oh, wa-oh, wa-oh-oh-oh-ohs’. Singer Nick Harktop opens up their heart as they remember snowfall and vows to stay with a loved one but ‘only ’til it hurts’ and then reveals that he knows this person feels left behind.
The three and a half minute song ups the tempo when he hits the light bulb moment and sings how he’s ‘finally figured it out’. He then goes on to observe on someone else who is making the same mistakes that he has learned from: ‘Tommy’s gonna be late again. Leather jackets and drinking with his friends. He stays but only ’til it hurts’. We know the way this story ends’

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