China Bears – ‘Meet Me in London’ stream

China Bears Meet Me in London new music alternative Guildford
Guildford/Bridgwater four-piece China Bears have been turning heads since they formed in 2015 and have played countless shows all over the country with previous single ‘Hydra’ becoming a real favourite. New single ‘Meet Me in London’ is their most accomplished song yet. Opening with the commanding lines ‘Meet me in London, I’ll be there tonight. I wanted to give you all that I have’, it’s an atmospheric and emotive slow-burning heartbreaker of a song that has elements of The War on Drugs and Noah and the Whale’s ‘The First Days of Spring’.
The vocal harmonies give extra weight to the honest nature of the lyrics as the band explain how ‘the devils’s in my ear again, fabricates it all’ before then going on to capture the spirit of London as the drums kick in halfway through and they discuss the ‘old smoke’ getting thicker’ before then pleading ‘Where are you now? I don’t need an answer. Just something to find’.

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