New music round-up featuring Frankie Cosmos, Nap Eyes, Field Music, Charlie Barnes, Her’s and The Xcerts

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Frankie Cosmos Photo credit: Loroto Productions

Frankie Cosmos – ‘Jesse’

Frankie Cosmos have unveiled ‘Jesse’, a song that will feature on their upcoming 18-song (!) album, which will be released via Sub Pop. Lo-fi and playful, it finds Greta Kline tackling the subject of anxiety and feeling out of place and just wanting things to change: ‘I knew if I thought really hard about flying I could probably do it. I’m just too tired for trying’. Over sweet melodies and in a style similar to Fiona Apple, she explains how she likes to be a shadow and laments: ‘Oh, to be part of the scenery’.

Nap Eyes – ‘Every Time the Feeling’

Hailing from Halifax in Canada but viewing Montreal as their adopted hometown, Nap Eyes are set to release their debut album via Jagjaguwar this March and first single ‘Every Time the Feeling’ combines Stephen Malkmus-style slackerpop riffs guitar with the wit and pop sensibilities of Cake. Nigel Chapman sings about how ‘Night after night, day after day, if the thought rises you chase it away’ before then pondering bigger issues and vowing to move on: ‘Oh, I can’t tell what’s worse? The meaninglessness or the negative feeling. But I figured out a way to get on with my life and keep on dreaming’.

Field Music – ‘Time in Joy’

Quiet and atmospheric synths open the latest Field Music song before Peter Brewis starts singing about how important is to still have fun, no matter how tough things get – both in your personal life and the outside world. There’s a Talking Heads-esque funky turn around 1 and a half minutes in as Peter asks: ‘Couldn’t sleep tonight? Me too. Do you think that proves we need to stick together?’ There are all kinds of synth effects and strings thrown into the melting pot as the song arrives at its hypnotic and swirling climax.

Charlie Barnes – ‘All I Have’

In the first single to be released from ‘Oceanography’ (his second album on Superball), Charlie Barnes offers an uplifting anthem about sticking to your guns – complete with a harpischord, subtle Grandaddy-style synths and layers of melody that reminded us of Agent Fresco. In the video, Charlie sings direct to a brick wall – something he half-jokingly compares to the promotion of a new record. We’d imagine he’ll be breaking those bricks down with catchy hook-laden and intelligent pop songs like this.

Her’s – ‘Speed Racer’

Liverpool-based duo Her’s embark on an extensive tour over the next few months and are sure to be at a venue near you (we’re going to try and make it to the Boileroom in Guildford). ‘Speed Racer’ is a fun-filled inkling of what you can expect to hear. Fun from the very first note, the avant-garde and eccentric nature of the all-too short song sounds like The Strokes playing at Phoenix Nights and even has a time for a very unexpected falsetto and grand handclaps.

The Xcerts – ‘Drive Me Wild’

Britain’s best band with added sax appeal – court


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