itoldyouiwouldeatyou’s prom playlist

itoldyouiwouldeatyou prom playlist

itoldyouiwouldeatyou’s video for ‘Get Terrified’ found the band at a prom and following the release of the EP via Failure by Design and Alcopop! Records (order here), we thought what better time to ask Joey Ashworth about their dream prom playlist. But first we had a few important questions…

Do you have fond memories of your own proms/first formal dances?

Well I was home educated ‘til college, so my school age memories do not contain a lot of socialising. That said, college did have a prom! And it was on a boat down the Thames and it was pretty terrible. I got very drunk though which made it all better.

If the band members could attend any prom or dance from the history of film, TV and music videos, which ones would they choose?

I can’t speak for the others but I’d be gassed to be in the reunion dance from Grosse Point Blank.

The band all look dapper in the video, but what would you all wear as a second-choice outfit.

A black corduroy dungaree dress with doc martens and sparkly leggings, because suits look all wrong on me.

The Playlist

Song for getting dressed and ready:

‘Try Me’ – Kero Kero Bonito

A sweet, straightforward song about getting ready for a job interview, which is how a lot of parties feel for me.

Song for getting hyped:

‘Turn Up On The Weekend’ – Branchez and Big Wet

This song is incredibly silly but surprisingly self-aware. I have played it to death in the van and the others hate me for it. I will never change.

Opening song of the prom:

‘Thriller’ – Fall Out Boy

When I hear the opening riff to this I still get chills like I’m 14 again. Always gets me mad optimistic.

First ‘slow dance’ song:

‘Tambourine N: Time’ – Nana Grizol

This is a heart breaking love song about knowing that it’s probably not going to work, but still having overwhelming love and respect for the other person. Captures the stinging nostalgia of young love so perfectly.

Song to soundtrack the first fight:

‘Well Done’ – Idles

I mean, I’m honestly kind of annoyed that I’ve never beaten someone up while this song is playing. It’s a real dream of mine.

Song to soundtrack to the first floods of tears:

I mean, I cry to ‘Powders’ by Wreck and Reference a lot, but it would have to be a hell of a prom to have that on the playlist.

Closing song of the prom:

Every prom, party or wake should end with ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams

Soundtrack to the journey home:

I’m thinking sitting in the back of a van, kinda drunk and looking out the window as you process everything. For that I’d say ‘Brittany Murphy in Eight Mile’ by Self Defense Family.

Song to get you through the next morning’s hangover:

‘Yer Voice’ – Mansions

A song of total desperation, with a hint of shame and anger. This is my go to depression song, off my go to depression record.



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